Road Trips are Awesome

roadtrips are awesome

Get ready for a roadtrip…

Setting your plan and time to head anywhere is the beauty of a road trip. Though road trips are not all relaxing like that of train and planes which give you the comfort of sleeping while travelling, they are most rewarding from all. Road trip is the time to celebrate the free time of your life. But if you care about getting from point 1 to point 2 on a road trip then it is not a trip; it is called driving. Road trips include the most amazing experiences one has during that time. These are the reasons why road trips are always awesome:

No Time Bounds

Time doesn’t matter if you choose a road for your destination. In fact, this is the best option for impulsive plans. No need to tickets, plan the trip a long time earlier, make arrangements or anything. Just decide and be on the way to your destination. And the amazing thing is that you don’t have to care to reach the destination on time. The moments spent in your car will be remembered again and again for your lifetime. Not caring about the time and enjoying the surrounding is not what we call killing time. We call it as a murder.

Most Economical

You don’t need anything when you are on a road trip. It’s quite affordable when you are planning to have a trip with your friends. Road trip eliminates the heavy air tickets fares as well as the time to make the train. Being with family need not require worrying about anything, your parents do it by themselves. But when you are with friends, a road trip is the most economical option.

Surprising and Adventurous

The best part of a road trip is that it is full of surprises and adventures. If anytime you choose a new road to your destination, then you will never know what’s going to come next. The whole journey will be full of surprises. Who knows you may get to see the beautiful waterfalls around; you can’t stop a train every time you see it. Or just can’t feel the nature’s beauty even if you are in the window seat of the plane. Travelling along the narrow roads, fast driving and everything else, you’ll love these adventures on your road trips.


What could be more romantic than spending some time alone with your partner to watch the sun setting calmly, or watching the waves hitting the shore, or simply enjoying the ice cream on the road side? You can’t have a sweet conversation with your beloved one in a train or planes. That’s why road trips are always so romantic.

Play It Out Loud

Just try to remember the time when you raised the volume of your device to maximum and enjoyed the music with your buddies in any public transport. Road trips are meant to raise the volume and bang on your head to your favourite music.

Strengthen bonds

Be the bond with any family member, friends, your loved one or simply your pet; you’ll experience your bonding getting stronger with them. Since pets are not allowed on a train or planes, you can get them with you on a road trip. There would be no sets of rules and regulations to spend quality time with your close ones.

It’s Not Just a Trip

Road trip is less about the destination and more about the journey. You’ll always cherish the time spent with your mates. Those jokes, pranks, photo shoots, pampering, music, dancing, gives you the sense of achievement; the achievement you can only obtain during a road journey.


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