Role of a Friend in Your Life

role of a friend

Friendship is beautiful and friends are awesome

The only loved relation you are allowed to choose your own is friendship. All other relations take birth at the moment you are born. Only friendship is the relation which grows with time. Friendship is the most beautiful relation on this earth. You are truly a blessed person if you have got at least one true friend. This friend has the power to change your world. True friendship can get you from hell to heaven.

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Besides being within your every difficulty, your friends are always there to help you get out of your problems. They make us happy in our good times and comfort us during our bad days. They share our good times and relief us from our bad time. A friend plays a vital role in our life. If you have got someone then hold them for your life and if not then try to become one for someone. A friend plays every role in your life you even can’t think.

Your friend is your family.

A friend guides you as a father when you face any problem. He loves you like a mother when you feel low. He fights with you like a brother and cares for you like a sister. You can find a second family in the form of your friend. Just as we rely on our family for every small thing we need, we can also rely on the most stupid thing we want or something we need to do on our friend.

role of a friend

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Your friend is your secret machine.

There are some things in our life which can’t be shared with everyone. Though we share almost everything with our parents or our siblings but there are a couple of things which we can’t afford to share with anyone. At this time, the only person you remind of is your friend. You can share each and everything with your friend. You can share the story of your first love, family problem, the first exam you failed, the time you tried smoking, your relationship problems or even any of the darkest secret with your friend. They are your secret machine and your secrets remain safe with them for a lifetime.

role of a friend

Your friend is your partner in crime.

Not only they help you get out of your bad time but they are always there with you in what you do, be it good, bad or worst. They are always your partner in crime. Teasing a teacher, writing a love letter to the same girl, cheating in the exams, fighting with the boys from other group or stealing money from your father’s pocket, they are always there with you in every crime. Through this time, you share the best moments of your life with them.

Reaching for Help

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Friendship affects you in the way you even can’t imagine.

Childhood friends give you the best childhood memories which you can cherish for your lifetime. You begin to learn the meaning of friendship in your teenage. Teenage friendship shapes your romantic bonds. Adult friendship makes you realize the purpose of your life. It helps you set the goals of your life and achieve them. Be it friends during childhood or friends at present, they help you through your thick and thin.

role of a friend

Friends are special and so is their friendship.

Value your friends who take out time to be with you and accept you for what you are. Listen to what your friends say. They might differ in thoughts from you but they can never be wrong for they care for you and they love you from the core of their heart.

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