Finding happiness in life has become one the most tedious and difficult challenges a person faces during his or her lifetime. Happiness does not come by that easily; some say one has to bring it on either by doing something spectacular or by paying up a good chunk of money.

But some happiness cannot be bought of a shelf, as they are invaluable and very rare; while some can just hit you with surprise. Today we are going to talk about these small but relatively important surprises of life, which helps in bestowing the dose of happiness that one needs in order to survive.

So, let us check out the list of tiny moments of happiness that we can find in our lives for free!

Breakfast on bed

If your mom or your spouse brings a tray of breakfast right to your bed, then it can indeed be a small but happy surprise for you.

Getting licked and cuddled by a dog

A surprise attack by a dog to cuddle up on you can be one of the best tiny moments of your day. Just imagine, after a long day’s worth of work, you getting hugged by a dog on the road!

A phone call from your buddy right before you sleep

That can serious make your night, a good night; just imagine the banter you can cough up right before you sleep. Happy times indeed!

Someone cleaning your room

Won’t you be happy if someone cleans up your mess and puts up a nice-clean sheet on your bed?

Shadow in the summer and sun in the cold

If nature can help you with this, then won’t you take its extra incentive and cherish it?

Managing to cross off a thing from you bucket list

Doing something that you’d intended do for a long time can give you a great deal of satisfaction. In fact, it can give you a bundle of joy, even if you unintentionally do it.

A cool glass of water

A glass of water of the right temperature after a long walk or a tough day at office can work wonders for everyone.

Finding out that your favourite T.V series is coming back

We all wait for the next season of our favourite T.V Series, and when it is announced we conjure up a small smile

Getting a seat

Be it a bus, train or a metro; if you can get a seat in a public transport, then it can be one of the happiest things of your day.

When your team wins

It does not matter whether it’s Formula 1, Football or Baseball; we all get excited when we hear our team or favourite player has just own.

Finishing off your work early

Doing your work quickly is one of the best moments of small happiness there can ever be.

Getting a card via the snail mail

The world has gone electronic, but some traditional things are always cherished by us. Imagine getting a birthday card by traditional mail, or getting a surprise package or gift via courier. That will surely make you happy and go ga-ga for rest of the day.

Suddenly catching one of your favourite songs or movies on the Television

Don’t you feel happy when you suddenly trip over a good song or a great movie (according your assumption at least) over the television?

Something for free

Getting something on the house is one of the best things that we can ever hope for.

Waking up late

No office or work can be disguised as a day when you can sleep in and wake up after everyone!

Seeing crush accidentally

Well, you may or might not have the courage to call him or her and talk about your feelings; but a sudden and a surprising glimpse of him or her can make your day.


So there you have it, some of the moments or things that can make your day a bit more interesting and certainly a tini-tiny bit happier than normal. Of course, there can be a few more things, but you might like them from your own personal point of view. But, one thing is for sure; happiness and the best things of the world do come in little packages.

Varun Choudhary

Varun Choudhary

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