S.E.C.R.E.T. Of Success revealed

So, what is the secret of success? It is SECRET.

I often hear people wondering whether they will ever unlock the secret of success or not. On the contrary, there is a bunch of individuals who have discovered this secret knowing or unknowingly in the course of Life. So, what is the secret of success? It is SECRET.


  1. SLOGGING SMARTLY – Ever wondered what successful people do while you are asleep or partying? Well, they slog and slog. The first secret of success is slogging. You need to put your 300% in the work that you are doing in the smartest way. Hard work is necessarily important but a little smartness can get you a long way.
  2. ENTHUSIASM – Worshipping your work is necessary. Whether you are studying or working upon a project, things begin to die when our enthusiasm dies. If each and everything that you take is taken with utter enthusiasm, you will eventually find yourself putting extra efforts happily. Do not let the enthusiasm die.
  3. CONSISTENCY – Each one of us is prepared to chase their respective dreams, each one of us puts efforts in realising the dream, but what makes the real time difference is consistency. How many of us put efforts continuously, no matter what, when and how? Those who keep toiling upwards, even when they hit the ground, those who keep going even when they are pulled back are becoming successful in whatever field they choose.
  4. REASSURANCE – The greatest games are often played with minds and life is a game as well. There are times when you might feel like quitting and not moving ahead these are the times when you require yourself to reassure that you CAN DO IT. People who have managed to reach the peaks once felt that they cannot do it but they reassured themselves and willingly climbed up.
  5. ENCOURAGEMENT – Stick to people who inspire you to do better each day or for better results encourage yourself to break your own records. You need to get rid of the people who often demoralise you and cause hindrance in your path.
  6. TRUST – Faith is a significant luggage on the road of success. You need to learn the tactics of trusts by trusting people who deserve it moreover it is vital to trust yourself and your own instincts. Unless and until you cannot trust yourself, it is tough for opportunities to trust you.

Success has no short cuts; you need to go a long way putting efforts continuously. You need to inspire yourself and surround your determination in a positive way. There are many who dream but only few conquer their fears, beat the odds and achieve what they have been longing for.

Shweta Suvarna

Shweta Suvarna

A media student and aspiring writer. Loves to talk, observe and know people. Not entirely an extrovert, neither a hardcore introvert. Self driven and self motivated individual who seeks for nothing more than growth. "Be you own flame, even if it burns a little"