A revolution starts only after a prolonging period of predicament.

This line can fit into various scenarios and situations. And, one of the situations is the current revolution of the start up scenario.

Startups are the brainchild of the visionaries, who are bridging the gap between a customer and a service/product/convenience. In fact, startups are providing and revolutionizing immaculate service, customer support, innovation and convenience in various fields of operation.

Yes, startups are separating the businessmen from the business boys; the entities are bringing out the best and the asking the most out of brilliant and vibrant minds. They are slowing becoming the beacon of hope for all customers, in every single field of business.

But, do you know, apart from providing customers a great time, these startups are actually helping out the society in whole too. Of course, their service or their way of providing a product is immaculate and state of the art. But, these startup companies, are also giving something—something very precious—back to the society.

We are of course talking about the opportunities they are providing to the unemployed youth of the nation. Yes, apart from oiling their own machines, these start-up companies are actually hiring people, many of them out of job people, to run their operations.

A startup, or any venture, cannot dream of running on its own, and it is always in the constant need of young and vibrant minds, and most importantly, in need of a human resource back up in every single department or element. One can also say that start-ups are bridging the gap between unemployment and hope—a reason to live for.

And, in simpler terms, just think of it this way— the increase in the number of start-ups is actually providing more job chances to everybody.

It’s always darkest before the dawn

It is a fact that most startups, in the recent years, have seen the light of the day only thanks to the urge and relentless optimism their creators and founders have shown. Of course, this urge or adrenaline may have come thanks to the nobility of doing something for the people.

Some may argue that most startups are commencing, at least in the recent times, just to extract the maximum out of the market; but never the less, they are booming at a time when everybody needs a solution. Maybe, start-up companies are the ones who are taking the larger piece of the pie, but it is also because of them that the pie is actually being baked in the first place!

Many people are riding the ship called “Startups” and many of them are winning daily bread only thanks to the whole concept of entrepreneurship. All this had occurred when the nation desperately was in the need of some form of a backbone to cling on to when it was all in despair—the demise called mass unemployment.

Many have gotten back to their life’s track thanks to the start-ups providing the support to the community. And, many youngest are actually getting a taste of the corporate world thanks to the persistent and never-quit-attitude of entrepreneurs.

Giving something back

If a start-up becomes successful, the proprietor and the supporters of the venture are the ones who yield maximum gains from it. Of course, even the customer becomes a winner with it, thanks to a venture’s urge of being “customer centric.” But, most of all, the society gets its own fair share back in the form of employment opportunities.

At the end of the day, the start ups are actually becoming a part of a cycle or a circle, where every single aspect of our society also has a spoke.

The society is providing the opportunity to the entrepreneurs, and in turn, the highly eccentric and accomplished professionals are returning the favor to it. The favor is getting returned in various ways, but job creation is the most vital one in it.

What goes around; indeed comes around.

Varun Choudhary

Varun Choudhary

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