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The modern world is such that one cannot think of a day without cell phones. With days passing by, the number of cell phones, as well as network providers, is increasing at a jaw-dropping rate. Even the facilities being provided by the network providers are going at a neck-break speed. The present scenario is such that we’d rather forget to brush our teeth or comb our hair, but we’d never forget our cell phones.

There’s no debate about the fact that cell phones irreplaceable and the handiest gadget of our world today. But with the hectic schedule, we need to reconsider the statement that ‘cell phones are made to save time’. Definitely we can access the world with our fingertips. But at the same time, we can say that the world is not a small place. So keeping the world on our fingertips isn’t a child’s play at all.

With a cell phone, we can easily access to the entertainment or business world at our will. We can even contact our near and dear ones with just a few clicks. But is that it? What about the people next to us? What about the stuff that is going on around us? Cell phones might have made the world easily accessible, but they have isolated us from our surroundings.

So we need to be careful about that; we need to take care that we don’t preoccupy ourselves so much that we become strangers to our surroundings. We definitely need to carve out some time of our schedule and keep our cell phones away from us. And, Sundays can be the best day to do that. After a whole week’s worth of work, we positively need a break; for us and also for our near and dear ones.

So let’s have a look at the reasons why cell phones should be switched off on Sundays

1. Oh! Come on. It’s Sunday

be relaxed on Sunday

Yeah! Definitely it’s Sunday and it’s a holiday for you. So switch off your cell phone to isolate yourself from your office and formal calls. After the whole week’s work, you deserve some quality time. Switch off the phone to ignore the hustle and bustle of the office. You must be tired after the whole week. So just chill and switch off the phone

2. Omg! It’s 10 o’clock, but does it matter?

Santa Sleeping Late on Sunday

What’s all that fuss even if it is 10 o’clock? It’s Sunday and you can sleep as long as you want. And that’s the reason why the cell phone should be switched off right after Saturday night. After the late-night weekend party, you’d definitely prefer to sleep long. But one phone call can spoil your whole day. So why not keep that thing as far as possible.

3. You have a family, spend some time with them

Family spending time together on sunday

Yeah, Definitely! So just switch off your phone and spend some quality time with your family. They miss you dearly after you stay busy for the whole week. If you keep your phone on, you’ll hardly have time to be with them.

4. Reduce the bill, save some bucks

Turn your cell phone off on Sunday and save some money

You should switch off your phone keeping in mind the financial point of view. If you keep on calling others, you start losing your credit balance or you start acquiring high cell phone bills. Moreover, imagine you’re out on a family trip and the roaming rates eating away your account balance.

5. Problem-solving
Research has shown that if you are too busy in a cell phone, your thinking skills can decrease. So on Sundays, you can surely physically expect to hear problems from the other family members. And they have their hopes high that you might help them with a solution. But if you’re busy with your phone, you’re sure to disappoint them. For a normal human being, Family is the most important thing.

6. Cell phones stop me from being an innovator
Well, if you can switch your cell phone off on Sundays you can bet on finding yourself a new ‘you’. You can find the chef or sportsman or a social worker in you.

After reading all the facts, what do you’ll think? Is it really necessary to keep that gadget on in a day when it is really not necessary? I guess not.
Just keep it off so that you can have a life and your family can have you to the fullest. Just give it a thought……….and switching off your cell whilst making the decision can help you out.

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