Ok folks; let’s pay some attention to what good a Teatox diet do to us. It is a topic that is being widely discussed in the social media, as well as at many fitness and health conscious magazines. We have come across multiple promises and claims made by the tea companies regarding the benefits that green tea does to us. Are they true? Or are they just some promotion stunt to sell their stuff? Is it really beneficial to ingest all those green liquids?

Let’s do a brief study on teatox

What is Teatox?

Now that’s a big question? Every one enquires about what’s in that green liquid that provides with a much easier way to lose all those unwanted weight we have put in ourselves. Well here’s the answer to it.

Teatox is a typical detox diet that helps you in losing your unwanted weight at a faster rate. Presently there are 3-4 teatox companies in the market –that I am not going to name ‘cause I’m not here to do some charity promotion.

These companies claim that teatox helps to cleanse the digestive tract, detoxify the body, reduce the body fat, lower the cholesterol level, restore the body balance and reduce cellite. At least one site claims that their product is adapted from traditional Chinese Medicine while others claim to have developed on their own.

However the companies don’t hide the fact of various side effects that happen to be seen among people taking the stuff. The companies claim that people suffer from stomach-upset, nausea, cramping, diarrhea, dizziness and fainting.

What are the benefits of taking the diet?

Although there’s still no hard evidence or published research to support the fact, yet most teatox brands claim that their proprietary helps you to benefit your heart, skin, brain and bones, while managing to control the stress and maintain weight of the body. Some companies even claim that teatox helps you to prevent cancer and type-2 diabetes to some extent. Most of the teatox plans range from 7-30 days.

Do I need to fast while I’m on the diet?

The answer is: definitely No! Most of the diet plans allow normal meals with suggestions of avoiding alcohol, meat, coffee and junk food. Basically a person is allowed to take a normal low cholesterol diet with appropriate taking of the tea.

Is the diet pocket-friendly?

Well that depends on how you plan to maintain the diet. A 7-day diet costs about Rs 1200 whereas a 4-week plan costs you around 3000 bucks

What is the health issues involved in the diet?

Before going on a teatox diet, it is very important to beware of its ingredients so that you can avoid future problems. It has been found that most teatox contain senna leaves, a non-prescriptive laxative. Well let me point out there is no hard evidence that Laxative helps in getting rid of extra-weight. Instead overdose of laxative results in abdominal cramps and stomach upsets. Senna can cause problems for your stomach lining. So using it for more than a fortnight, 2 weeks or even 14 days is discouraged


Keeping in mind all the above facts, it is up to you and your dietitian as to whether you should go on a teatox diet. It is definitely true that while you are on a teatox diet, you can avoid the carbohydrate from sugar and fat from milk while you take normal tea. But all the claims that the teatox companies make are just some promotional stunt. So be careful while you take it and lead a happy diet controlled life

Gaurab Sinha

Gaurab Sinha

Gaurab is a Enterprise Content Manager at Blastistic.com, Sportskeeda and likes to wrote about lifestyle,food, startups and trends in the market