Times have changed drastically in the last few years. Technology has taken over our daily lives, and it has embedded itself in our DNA’s chromosomes. Everyone single person or professional counts on technology, and some of its merits are just astonishing.

However, are we over dependent on technology? Has technology taken over our lives? Or worse; is it literally trying to stage a slow death for the human race? There are so many questions which can confuse us and make us wonder that are we using technology or are we living under the perils of it.

Technology in today’s world:

Of course technology has made life easier for us in many ways. Especially the ones which help us with vital and essential things like medical and safety. However, apart from that, in our everyday lives, we depend on technology just too much.

Be it ordering food, searching direction, paying bills or getting apparels, everything can be done with the help of technology. Yes technology can help us in many ways, and it can easily make our lives merrier.

However, aren’t we depending too much on technology? 24×7 we are surrounded by technology and we are enjoying its fruits. But, is that coming at a cost? Some can argue that is coming at an expense, and that cost cannot be measured. Technology has made us predictable, lethargic, lazy and very cumbersome and in some cases, as per some studies, ill too. Life has become difficult for us because of these techno conveniences.

For instance, aren’t we always under the impression that someone might steal our credit card data or even our social media identity? Don’t we always think that we have to charge our cell phones up and keep your passwords strong? There are so many things that we have to take care about, or else technology can bite us back. Most people nowadays do not care about how they look when they go out; they just make sure that their profile picture is top notch!

Losing the authentic touch

Gone were the days when a Romeo had a sing a song to Juliet underneath to window. Contemporary Romeos just have to Bluetooth, NFC or message the song. Technology has surely made our world adulterated and that has killed our innocence and tradition.

Of course virtual world has its own advantages, and we reiterate that again and again. Surely, virtual world has an appeal, but the real world has an actual feel. This feel cannot be replaced, and when we do not get the feeling, we just compromise with it. Technology, in fact, is a compromise that we make with ourselves.

We made technology not the other way around

A wise man once said: we carve our own path. However, these days, our online digital navigator maps our path. Yes, technology controls us, most times for the good and sometimes for the bad. I mean getting lost is becoming a luxury these days, as it can’t be an excuse anymore. In fact, power cuts are also quite rare in today’s world and people actually cherish the radio-silence with it!

Most times it feels like we are depending too much on technology, and we are the actual slaves here. We do what they tell us to do, we eat what they offer to us, we go where they lead us to, we listen to what they want us to hear, and we always eagerly wait for their next move. In short, our lives circle around gadgets and waves and we have already given up on it.

It won’t be long before we would stop having kids (who would bother so much) and start having robots instead. A robot will do, what their masters tell them to do. Although it may seem like humans have control, but it can also be a secret propaganda of the technological world or companies.

Think about it, maybe it is the long term strategy of ‘technology’ to take over the human race and make their numbers greater on the long run.

We hope not…

Varun Choudhary

Varun Choudhary

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