The benefits of reading: How it can eventually develop your life

Benefits of Reading

Words are Weapons so powerful can change your life completely

G. Martin once said; a reader lives a thousand lives, before he eventually dies.
This is absolutely true! On the prima facia, you might say it’s a bit cheesy, but if you are a reader you will know all about it. Reading, not only for your inquisitive soul, is one of the best practices there can even be.
Many greats, like Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi, have championed the cause for reading, and many more in the future will also do the same. Reading is a habit, or rather an addiction, which has to be adopted, if you ever want to develop yourself, both socially and intellectually. Of course, there are some tangible benefits of reading; however there are intangible values and virtues of it too.
So, in order to advertise more, today we are going to talk about how reading can come in handy in developing yourself.

It can easily make you smart or smarter

Reading makes your smarter

Reading can be done for various causes. Some do it for the fun, some do it as a time pass, while some do it to acquire knowledge and some are obligated to do so (students). But, like it or not, if you thoroughly reading a set of logical words and its content, it can make your smarter. It does not matter whether you are reading a newspaper, magazine or a novel or even a study book, you will gain some knowledge. Studies in the past have profoundly shown that regular reading can enhance the brain of the reader.
Reading also helps with developing yourself intellectually. You can also become shaper and much more witty in the mind thanks to it.

It can make your life a bit less stressful

Reading makes your life less stressful

Reducing stress and tension is one of the most beneficial ways to develop your-self mentally and physically. And, one of the easiest ways to do that is by reading books. After a difficult 9 to 5 day, one can easily take a novel and get into it; whilst forgetting the issues that surround him or her.
In fact, some studies have also shown and proven that reading can easily lead a person to bliss and tranquillity, at least from the mental perspective.

It can improve your retaining powers

reading makes your memory strong

World is all about remembering things these days.
Where did I keep my car keys, what time is the football game again, when is my wife’s birthday, what’s John’s address, where did the last cup cake go!

And, one of the best ways to improve your memory and retention power is by reading regularly. If you read, you will certainly have more awareness of the things happening around you; it’s natural. And, this will help you to retain and recall things better.

It can improve your writing and vocabulary skills

memory improves vocabulary

It is always good to stay atop all the languages you know. In fact, having command over a language is one of the biggest resume filler there can ever be. If you regularly read books, then your own reading and writing skills—along with it your grammar and vocabulary—will increase quite significantly.

You will be able to speak in a much more fluent and coherent way. Now, you might say, how can that develop me?
Well, just imagine what a great ‘tool’ command over language would be in your arsenal if you are heading for that life changing interview.
Apart from this, speaking and writing well can also help you in courting a girl or a boy of your dreams!

It can make you creative

Reading makes your creative

Many script writers, lyricists and song writers start by reading books. And, over all, in terms of developing your own creative side, reading is quite important. By reading you can get to know the various different worlds, and you can use that advantage in your creativity or with your work line too.

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