The Season Of Love Is Here

Love is the rain for couples

Woo Your Bae With The Gesture Of Love, Take Thier Heart Away

Grey clouds, cold air and light showers. Monsoons are all about serene nature and love for at least some of us. While people drool over the idea of a hot sip of tea and crispy pakoras on a rainy day, who would deny the idea of cuddling up with your loved ones in the bed while the raindrops spitter spatter on the windows?

What are you waiting for? Grab days off of your offices and colleges, take your bike for a spin or rather, cosy up in bed for a movie marathon with your loved ones. Rainy dates can be more than just hot coffee and Netflix. So here are some more romantic date ideas for you and your partner that are sure to bring you two closer than ever.


couple in pool swimming

Imagine midnight. There is darkness around and everyone is sound asleep. The rain is a light shower and the air is cold. If you think we are going to ask you to cuddle up in bed, you are in for a surprise. A warm blanket on a cold day definitely is a tested and approved way of spending rainy days with your partner. But once in a while do something completely crazy and unconventional. Get wet in the shower, hold hands and jump into a pool in the middle of the night. Break the silence around you with joyful chatter and laughter. Hold hands and let the cold around bring you two closer together.

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walk in rain holding hands of your love

Evening walks, holding hands and enjoying the evening breeze somewhere quiet is every lovers’ dream. But have you taken a stroll along the quiet country roads on a rainy day? The petrichor and the green of the country, wet with fresh raindrops are sure to unleash the butterflies inside your stomach. While you walk, make sure to hold hands and walk slow.
Better still, take an umbrella with you. Walk together under a single umbrella. Hold each other close while the misty rain surrounds you and hum songs you like as you make your way through a very romantic setting.


read books with your love

If you are a couple who enjoy books, there is no better way to spend a rainy day than reading each other your favourite books. Brew a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and sit down to read to each other. Select a book or genre that you are sure your partner would enjoy as well. Experiment with reading. Make the whole idea equally pleasurable to you and your partner. Discuss books, stories, characters and events.

Take turns reading and don’t forget to discuss what you like and don’t like about the book or parts of the book. Nothing brings people closer than a good book. This is true in romantic relationships as well. Discussing romantic books and love stories in a romantic setting is also a way you can find out what your partner craves in a relationship indirectly. It unleashes the fantasies and expectations. Start with a comfortable setting to read the book and then if it turns to something else, let it.


couple drinking hot chocolate

Chocolate is love. If you love coffee, here is one for you-coffee is love. Sleeping in on a rainy day sounds appealing. But try waking up a little early if there is a slight shower coming down. Most people are asleep during this time and this way you get peace even if you live in a city. Wake up before the traffic sets in (traffic in monsoon can be downright irritating) and go for a cup of coffee or hot chocolate.

Wake your partner as well with a cup of hot cocoa/coffee in bed and let the aroma lift their mood. Go to the balcony, wrap a blanket around you and sip your way slowly to the bottom of the cup as the rain comes down.

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couple dancing in a forest

It is time to cast away the veil and unleash the dancer inside you. Don’t let your conscience get the best of you. Monsoon and rains are also about letting go. Let the child inside you break free. Hold your partner’s hand and dance like there’s no tomorrow. You don’t have to be a good dancer to attempt this stunt. You don’t even have to be a dancer. It’s all about the rain around and surprising your partner with the funky side of you, something you wouldn’t otherwise unveil in front of him/her.

Dust off the old moves and laugh till you drop. Think of a slow number where you can be up close with your partner. If you are too shy, go up the terrace where there is no one to watch but your partner and you.
Hold each other tight as you hum to yourself and spin around in your partner’s hand covered in the rain as the fireworks shoot across inside the two of you.


couple driving going for a trip

Just before the beginning of monsoon, plan out a romantic destination you and your partner would like to spend a rainy day at. It doesn’t have to be some faraway tourist attraction. It could be something as simple as a drive to the nearby beach. Get away from the noise of the city. Take a day or two off of your work and get the wheels spinning.
Nothing can beat the feeling of rain hitting you lightly over the face as you drive with your windows rolled down. While you are at it, take in the beauty of the rolling hills covered in this mystic waters from heaven.

If you are a person who enjoys bikes and bike rides, monsoons are just what you need to break away from the routine of your life. Take your partner out for a bike ride on a rainy day. Cuddle close as you make your way out of the city and let the rain wash your mind, body and soul.

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cuddle with your partner

There is nothing like staying in bed past the alarm when it’s pouring outside. And if you can cuddle with your partner? You might as well die.
Stay inside every once in a while. Cosy up inside the blanket, Netflix and chill. Uncover your collection of romantic movies and settle for a movie marathon. Eat in and don’t bother to even get up. Hold hands, cuddle and warm over a fireplace. Set up a romantic candlelight dinner in the balcony and sip your wine as you listen to the splatter of the rain on the roof.

Go for a hot-tub bath or a hot shower. Dress up in woollen and don’t bother about the picture perfect appearance that you strive for every other day for the rest of the year. Stay on the couch with tousled hair and a pack of chips or hot corn cob.

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