The Strange feeling you get before placements

feeling before placement

Enjoy the feeling you get before placement because this is the first and the last time you get it…

The only thing which keeps an engineer going is the word ‘placement’. Yes, it is the be all and end all the four years of an engineering student.That feeling before placement is something you will never have in life again. Everyone should understand a few things in an engineer’s life when placements are approaching.

Moment of pride

moment of pride a feeling before placement

Yes, we engineers also have our moments of pride amidst all the tension and pressure. The moment we enter the final year, the feeling of becoming the senior most people in the campus is amazing. It’s a sign that we made through finally, and it’s time for the next phase of our lives to begin. Yes, we can!

Maturity peeps in

maturity a strange feeling you get before placement

The bitter realisation that we are no longer kids and the world will not treat us the same way either, hits us. As adults, life seems a bit unfair and a bit different too. College life teaches us unforgettable lessons which build up to make us who we are. Placements are also a sign of how life is taking a turn into a different lane. And how we may end up travelling on our path alone.


Mixture of nervousness and excitement

nervous excitement a feeling before placement

Who has never dreamt of earning money in their life? Nobody. The prospect of making money and having our lifestyle is the best idea ever. But, getting that job is not a cakewalk, and we are pretty much aware of that too. We are nervous and uncertain about our future, even scared that what would go according to our plans. The mixed feelings become hard to handle at times, but that’s what an engineer’s life is all about.

Future planning skills

feeling before placement, future planning

Staying together in an apartment with our best friends. Getting into the same company or going to the same university are some of the major points on our checklist. Future planning becomes our ideal job. During this, we realise what we want in life because as it only leaves you with a choice and never, a decision. But, remember that no matter what, we have to sacrifice something to fulfil another need. And that is why it is a matter of priorities.

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Much awaited trip with friends

trip with friends, feeling before placement

Every one of us is aware of the Goa trip plans we make before college life ends. The amazing experience with the best people becomes the most memorable journey too. Exploring places, having fun and forgetting the stress which ou future has kept in store for us is all we need. So pack your bags, step out and make memories.

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All in all, the phase before placements is a roller coaster ride which is scary, yet leaves you thrilled. But, when this period ends, and you get a job, you realise that it was all worth it. Everything that occurred summed up to make you who you are and how much you are capable of doing. So, SUIT UP for the big, bad world!