Mobile apps have taken the entire world by their wave. From being your on demand doctor to a canny handler of finances, mobile apps have definitely latched open the doors to a whole new level of marketing and development spectrum. While the taxonomy is indefinable for the mobile apps, they can be largely grouped into two classes- the consumer app and the enterprise apps. There are hoards of apps riveting upon the needs of the both classes but while you plan to venture into enterprise app development, then you have to be wary of the mistakes than can incur in form of wretched mobile app with poor user reviews and ratings. After all the mind boggling hard work you put into the app, failure is the last thing you want to witness in your task. Here’s a list of things you must revert from doing while developing your next mobile app –

  1. Following consumer app Strategies

Consumer apps and enterprise apps are marked by a sharp distinction of design and utility. Sure, everyone laps up an app that is friendly looking and easy to use in the front end, but clearly enterprise apps need to deliver the requisite utilities rather than just basking in the glory of its simplified front end. The app must render the desired results or it must be very much prone to failure in the market.

  1. Crappy planning of the app

It holds true that enterprise apps are much pivoted upon their feature loaded multi-utility specialty. But this in turn does not mean that the application must be crammed with unplanned utilities and fussy unwanted requirements. This only ensues as a pissed and confused user who will trash the app immediately. So your app must be neatly planned before you do any execution or development work.

  1. Indifference towards software fragmentation

While you focus your entire energy towards the marvelous planning and development of the mobile app, did you heed to the issue of software requirements of the users at large? Whether the app would run on an old android version or the latest lollipop 5.0 or IOS 5? If you try to skip this vital rechecking of your mobile app then you may end up shrinking to a handful of audience which may not even be your target audience.

  1. Neglecting security

Enterprise app must incorporate strict encryption of the information as the data which the app will probably handle will be confidential and even the slightest risk of leaking private information will make your mobile app listed in the blacklist of your users.

  1. Off date layout

Sure enough, enterprise apps are meant to showcase a professional look and layout, but hey! Who does not enjoy a snappy frontend with a bit of simplified features? Specially in a tech savvy time of present day when the technology is scaling up in a bat of an eye, off date layouts won’t ever do good. Don’t be apprehensive. Go try and test the new look in your mobile app.