Things that you can only do with your gang-of-girls

gang of girls

Your little secret adventurous with your gang of girls

In various stages of life, we do have a bunch of friends, our female squad that loudly back us in the times of our success, failure, shopping decisions, house parties, break-ups and so on. While there are several things that you do with your friends; there are several more things that you can only do with your Gang of girls, so what are those things?


  1. A doubled cheese pizza party with discussions on fitness

pizza party with diet talks

How often do you plan a regime of fitness with your squad over a pizza party? In addition, promise to quit fatty food items over another bite of double cheese pizza? Amaranthine times! While your partner may judge you over your size and failed fitness efforts, your gang of girls just would not.


  1. Planning your shopping spree

planning shopping spree with your gang og girls

There is no fun in shopping alone especially if you have your squad to accompany you. From bargaining endlessly to deciding what suits whom, from crushing on the expensive lingerie to extensive search on discounts and sales. We are all guilty of this crime!


  1. Plan future wedding

It is obvious that you must have planned your future wedding with your partner, however, planning your future wedding with your best friends by your side is totally different; because these weddings are all about clothes, wishes, parties, food, location and, of course, bridesmaid!


  1. Discuss clothes

Whether you are going for a date or a brunch with other friends, you never have enough clothes, isn’t it? This also makes it tough to decide what to opt. This is exactly where your pretty squad helps you in picking up entire attire for you, which could mean buying a new one or lending theirs.

  1. Selfies that aren’t worth the upload

drunk girls taking selfie

Climate changes are real and so is the fever of clicking selfies. Our gang of girls is supposedly the people with whom we click our most of the selfies but remember the drunk nights where you clicked some of the really ugly pictures in fun and they never saw the light of social media. But come on, wasn’t it fun?


  1. Cribbing about everything in your life

girls crying

Crying before your parents hit our egos and crying before your partner makes us cry baby but crying before your gang of girls is what strengths the bond. We can crib about anything, from the fact that you could not get the discount to the matter that he paid no heed to you. They do not judge you; they either hit the person or cry along!

  1. Talk – Talk – Talk

girl talking gif

Right from the beginning of the universe, your squad is meant to listen to your fathomless talks and join along. Whether it is about poverty or the hangover that you faced last night.. Whatever, wherever, whenever – they are there to listen.

Your gang of girls knows you inside and out, be it your wish to try a new cuisine, a home party or an adventure at the club; it is your gang of girls who stays there and becomes the partner in crime.

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Shweta Suvarna

Shweta Suvarna

A media student and aspiring writer. Loves to talk, observe and know people. Not entirely an extrovert, neither a hardcore introvert. Self driven and self motivated individual who seeks for nothing more than growth. "Be you own flame, even if it burns a little"