This is why you need to change your hiring strategy

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this change in hiring strategy will solve all your problems

Do you have a Hiring Strategy which isn’t helping much? What would you demand? A Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science or a person who knows software? Be clear that Bachelor in Computer Science Engineering is a degree and not a person. You can’t put a degree to work. You need to hire a person who can do the job for you. You need to hire the skills that are useful and not just a degree.

Although we don’t say “never hire a degree,” but hiring managers must focus on the required skills. There are a lot of reasons why you shouldn’t hire someone just because the person has a particular degree. We would be enlightening them for you.

Degrees can ditch

Academic certificates- Are they really important to be successful

We often overrate the candidate with a degree and underrate the ones who don’t have one. Easy pickings right? But we are bound to make mistakes with such an approach.

College degrees can never be the certificate of excellence. Even the students who lack the ability to develop industry skills can pass those tests by mugging the syllabus. So would you rather trust a person promising those skills or some degree-decorated individual?

Degree-based hiring can result in a loss

If you follow the trend to prefer degree holders ignoring the skills of others, you may suffer a loss. A person who has the talent and willingness to learn can be taught the concepts within months and can stand equal to a person with a 3 or 4 years degree. Real world learning is way ahead than the school education.

Another point is that hiring a non-talented person with a degree has enormous setbacks. It would cost you much less to make a talent learn your business than spending your time and money on a hopeless degree.

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Degrees don’t mean real-world skills

Virtual Reality Experience

Now, who would be a more valuable employee for you? A person with four years of education or a person with four years of experience in that field. Both would be in for an interview after spending their four years differently. But the point here is that the person who has worked for four years is already down for the business while the fresh graduate still needs some polishing.

Colleges make students know the concepts of the field with negligible real life experience. These concepts can be better and easily understood by doing them practically rather than reading books on them. Colleges today aren’t the training institutes, they don’t develop skills.

You need that grit more than those degrees

Knowledge is not all that makes a strong workforce. It just is a vital ingredient. But more important element would be persistence. Degrees don’t tell you the story of hard work. Some score an A with just a night’s study while others work hard for their Cs. When searching for employees, you should always go for a hard working under performer and not a lazy high achiever.

Hard work conquers talent if talent doesn’t work hard. You need to go for the people with that willingness and passion even if they are a bit less smart than other candidates.

So the takeaway from the article is pretty simple. Hire skills and not degrees. It doesn’t mean that the candidates with degrees are a total waste. The point is that you shouldn’t judge candidates by their degrees. Interview them, know them, and hire the perfect fit whether he has a degree, an experience, or just a promise.