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The world today has transformed into a global village with a sudden population explosion and this has resulted in confining to tiny apartments and homes. The affordable housing offers enough space, yet space is never considered enough and this has resulted in people looking for different types of shelves.

Floating shelves

Floating glass shelves go well with any backdrop and are an amazing addition to kitchen, offices, bathroom, bedroom or bars. The glass floating shelves ensure elegance, look reflective, and offer extra space near bookshelves or cabinets. Tough it appears delicate; it presents a sturdy structure that it suits all the contemporary homes, proving as smart storing solutions that ensure no cramping spaces. These floating shelves enhance the overall look and are pat to place cutlery, bottles, spice boxes and fairly holds favorable weight.  The rails are important in floating shelves, so ensure they are perfect. Floating shelves can be made by yourself, you just need the right tools to build a floating shelf.

White Shelves

White represents purity and beauty is always said. Yet it is a matter of choice as home interiors. White shelves look the best, but maintenance is a must to retain its purity. White shelves can be floating shelves or corner shelves as well. Considering the importance of space, white floating shelves fit your lifestyle and also ensure there is minimal best look. People are smart and love buying stuff serving the purpose within the budget. This has resulted in new innovative products favoring the modern market. The white floating or wall shelves leave the center of your home space free and are a new solution to keep your home clutter-free.

 Corner Shelves

Shelves, whether it is a corner, floating or square, are a sophisticated product. The corner shelves are an ideal choice for a bathroom to place your toiletries and shampoo bottles. It offers the advance of being mounted on the wall. It fills the vacant space in an unimaginable, but perfect manner. It also gives a fresh look and a spick and span feel. Especially, glass corner shelves make the best choice and blends with your contemporary décor perfectly. They offer a modern look and is easy to install.

Square shelves

Imagination kindles creativity and this result in considering coming out of the box. Thus, you can come out of the box and place things scattered around in box shelves that are referred to as square shelves. The innovation of having trendy floating shelves is beautiful, but square shelves mark the space and suits the houses that prefer minimal furniture. People have become smart and are sure to buy stuff within the budget, yet it serves your purpose and favors the modern market. The square shelves also make great wall shelves and does not hinder your home space. You can mix and match the background patterns so that it looks adorable and meets the aesthetic needs. Attractive and tiny pieces enhance the décor perfection, besides the shelves ensure you have a stylish way of displaying things and this truly adds excellence to your décor perfection.


  • Appropriate to hold aesthetic and antique items in the same showpiece
  • Installation is easy and the display looks attractive
  • Blends with any type of décor and ensure it is in good color
  • It elevates the bedroom, living space, the bathroom and the modular kitchens
  • Whatever is the type of shelf, they add perfection to the place.

Look and Feel

All the modern shelves, regardless of their shape and type present a clean display. They accelerate the wall and maintain neatness of your home. Thus, the interiors look enhanced and present your sophisticated style of living. These shelves can be nailed and they hold more weight, besides being beautiful display units. The shelves in trendy shape are the best buy offering perfect ambiance.

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