Ways to avoid pollution and keep surrounding clean

avoid pollution

Save earth before its too late

When we talk about our surrounding and environment, the hottest topic on everyone’s list might definitely be “pollution”. And why not it be the top most content on the list when it comes to keeping our surrounding clean?

The main reason behind this is- we all know that we are somehow contributing in polluting our environment but no one takes any step to avoid it. All that we do is sit back and talk about consequences of pollution and blame others who are polluting the surrounding at large scale.

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During this time, you might have thought of making people aware of preventing pollution and ways to avoid it. You may or may not get anyone’s support, for everyone is not courageous enough to get up and take the responsibilities. Instead of doing so, you should try to do something at personal level. You’ll experience a double advantage in this activity. The first one is people around you will get motivated watching your activities for avoiding pollution and the second one if they join you, you will avoid pollution at a good group level and if not, at least, you’ll be satisfied for contributing your part to keeping our surrounding clean.
And if you are motivated enough through these words then you should have a check on the list below for how you can avoid pollution, pick up your activity and get set to work.

1. Avoiding Air Pollution

Forget about all those factories releasing fumes that majorly pollute the air, you can’t go and shut down those factories but one thing you can definitely do is find out how you can avoid or reduce air pollution at your level.

Carpool to your college or office:

Carpooling is a most sustainable choice when you have to travel a long distance regularly. If you can’t opt for public transport then ask your friend or colleagues living in your area for carpooling. Through this, you will save your money to be spent on fuel and will also get companions with you to travel such a long distance which you might be traveling alone till now.

avoid pollution swach bharat

Go walking for short distances:

Be it going to a friend’s place or buying groceries from the shops near your house, choose to walk instead of going by your vehicle. If not walking, you can choose a bicycle for going to that place. Leaving a vehicle and opting for either a walk or a bicycle gives you two advantages: the first one is very clear that you save fuel and prevent air pollution and another one is it helps you maintain your health.

avoid pollution walk for short distance

Use Public Transport:

Besides having the advantage of preventing air pollution, all these activities have other advantages as well. Public transport is cheaper than a private one. It is a good option to save money as well. Besides, it gives other advantages that you don’t need to travel alone.

avoid pollution use public transport

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2. Avoiding Water Pollution

Preventing water from getting polluted requires using water very carefully as polluted water brings a number of diseases with it. So to prevent ourselves from diseases we should first prevent water from getting polluted.

Don’t throw garbage in water reservoirs:

Throwing garbage in your nearby water reservoir may result in the water getting polluted. And somehow if you come in contact with this polluted water, it may affect your body like harming your digestive system and you may also suffer from various diseases.

avoid water pollution don't throw garbage in water

Reuse water:

Just as we recycle waste material, similarly we can use water as well. You can do this by using the water left over after washing the clothes to water the plants. Do not drain out the used water outside. It may get mixed with fresh water and pollute it. Using used water to water the plants may prevent water from getting polluted and also plants get their necessary water content.


Avoid taking baths in river:

It seems fun to bath along a riverside but beyond this fun lies a great loss for us. It happens many times people pee in the river while bathing; it pollutes the fresh river water very badly. Also, the dust released from your body pollutes the water. So try to avoid taking baths in the water as much as you can.

Avoid taking bath in rivers swach bharat

3. Avoiding Sound Pollution:

Sound pollution is on the top that we do every day and every minute of our life among all types of pollutions. And the interesting thing is the ways to avoid sound pollution are easiest of all. You only need to cut out the excess sound from your daily routines and nothing more at all.

Avoid using Loudspeakers:

Most of the time we see music being played at a higher volume at marriages, parties and rallies. Though these events can’t be avoided but you can avoid sound pollution by lowering the loudspeaker volume when you are in a rally. Talking about marriages or parties, you can use an orchestra instead of that loud music, it will not only prevent sound pollution but also will give a change to you as well as your guests.

avoid using loudspeakers to avoid pollution

Use Vehicles with good silencer:

Sound pollution on road happens majorly because of the loud noise of vehicles. You can contribute from your side by using a vehicle with a good silencer. The silencer absorbs the sound and thus preventing sound pollution. Also, it helps in preventing air pollution.

use vehicle with good silencer to void noise pollution

• Lower Your TV volumes: Playing your television set or music system at high volume creates sound pollution in your house. Sound pollution may cause a severe headache or may even cause damage to your nervous system. So operate your devices at a lower volume and prevent your house from noise pollution.

Got some tips in handy to save our nature? Please do share your inputs in comments to make earth a better place to live in