Ways your father lied to you about career

myths about career

And now we know the truth

We belong to a country where careers are narrowly defined by the previous generation. If you are a doctor, an engineer, an architect or a chartered accountant then you have a career, but if you are anything unconventional then probably, you are giving amiss to your career. So, what are the ways in which our father lied us regarding career options? Let us figure them out –

  1. “Beta science mein bohot scope hai”

I think this is the one of the very first lies that we encountered regarding our careers during the days when we happened to opt for a stream. We were hammered with the fact that science is the only stream that can bring prestige and income to the family. *Slow claps*

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  1. Singing, dancing, music or any form of art is NOT a career

No matter how much they loved listening to Lat Mangeshkar or watch Govinda dancing and acting – to them art was never a career and we still face some restrictions even today. Can you imagine M.F. Hussain being told that he has no career in painting? NO.


  1. Gaining good marks can land you a great career –

It could be true to some extent but not entirely. Gaining good results on academic front is significant, however, that is not the “only” thing to focus on. When you are in a professional field, your love towards the subject, passion, and devotion to your work and experiences somehow leaves your mark sheet far beyond even the “I” of importance.

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  1. “Dream only what you can achieve”

Can you bind a bird from taking its most capable flight? Our fathers and ancestors always dreamt only what they could achieve but today the generation is a lot more. We dream first and then plan to achieve it which is the reason why Indian are raising our flags in abroad and why eminent personalities and excellence in their careers.


  1. Gender decide careers

Being a female, you can either be a teacher, work in a back office or banks because that was presumed to be the safest career options for females. Careers like acting, journalism and so on that required a lot of activeness and exposure on the field were not meant for females. However, we can see the tables turning now.


  1. “Beta khel kood chodke padhai per dhyan do”

You dad might tell you this in the morning and end up watching cricket in the evening. Sports have no career, really? You must have heard of Saina Nehwal isn’t it?

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It is undoubtedly true that each parent wishes good fortune for their child but, it doesn’t give them the advantage to cut your wings. In this time period, there are immense opportunities luring around, the era of becomes only engineers and doctors are left far behind. We are in a time where Deepika Padukone thanks her dad while receiving Filmfare award for allowing her to pursue her dreams, no matter how unattainable they seem. Parents are ought to give their suggestion and talk about the pros and cons of careers, however, dismissing an opportunity saying that this is not even a career is not acceptable.

How did your Dad lie to you about Career? Do share in comments

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