Attitude is what makes all the difference

A heavy amount of praise is often earned by those who are high on intelligent quotient and why shouldn’t they? Intelligence, is one of the second most valued things after common sense isn’t it? But, we firmly believe that the level of intelligence has iota amount of value if it is not teamed up with the correct attitude. When you are at the gate of success, your attitude certainly plays a vital role than your intelligence.
Researchers have categories the mindset of people into two broad categories –

  1. Fixed Mindset

  2. Growth Mindset

People with a fixed mindset or attitude usually fix themselves at a place. They in a way define their potentials, capability, identity, aims, and stay confirmed to them. They don’t challenge themselves. On the contrary, there are people with the growth mindset or attitude. These are generally opportunity seekers. It is found that even with a lower level of intelligence they outperform those with a fixed mindset merely because of their attitude that is inclined towards growth, opened mind and opportunities.

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It is believed that some of us are plainly born to succeed but if your go deep beyond the surface of this theory you will be able to figure out that nobody is born to succeed, it is the attitude that takes you far towards the route of success. People with the higher level of intelligence need not necessarily be the achievers and subsequently, those who are low on IQ need not to be the failures. It is all about how do you perceive and persist.

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Attitude is not something you are born with, which is why it can always be learnt and unlearnt. While a right kind of attitude can take you towards the door of success, a wrong kind of attitude might not even be able to pick you.

  • Embrace your failures and learn from them
  • Be positive and delightful
  • Incline to learn even if you have conquered the success
  • Compete but compliment too
  • Encourage others and motivate yourself
  • Plan but execute also
  • Neither under nor over-estimate yourself
  • Confidence is good, overconfidence isn’t

Intelligence is more concerned with the application of knowledge that you have acquired over the period of time and attitude constitutes your beliefs and thoughts shaped due to various internal and external factors. Both play a significant role when it comes to achieving your goal. However, merely intelligence cannot assure success to you.

Attitude is the vehicle that you are travelling into towards the destination while intelligence is your companion sitting right beside you, talking about places and people. While you can get on the journey even without the support of this companion to an extent but what will this companion do with no vehicle at all?

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Shweta Suvarna

Shweta Suvarna

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