New business ventures and startups are all about ideas, innovations, and investments. But, in all this, sometimes, we forget that even Human Resource play a vital part.

It is never an easy job to select right people for your startup. We know that human resources are very volatile and fluctuating entities. Of course, a single look at a candidate’s resume can tell you the story, but sometimes it is practically impossible to select and distinguish the right person for the job.

So, today, to help your cause, we are going to take a look at the things you have to remember and understand during the recruitment drive for your new startup company.

Pick a candidate for a position, not a position for a candidate

Since you must have thoroughly thought about your venture, I am sure you must have fixed a candidate’s job profile well beforehand. This is where you have to stick to your guns while hiring. Yes, a candidate’s resume may look very appealing, and previous work record may be outstanding. But if the person doesn’t fit your job description needs, avoid him or her.

If that someone talent is your friend or even a family member, then also don’t select if you believe the job title is not fitting enough. Also, if you think a person has overall quality and is a close friend of yours, then take the person on board as your partner and a supporter, or a potential investor. But, be true to the candidate and your start up.

Social media

Background checks have become very mandatory these days. If you are looking out a professional for a position in your venture, then please check his or her social media profiles first. The way one conducts on social media is a great indicator of how he or she can adjust to your company’s work culture.

Ask the appropriately right questions

You may already have a set of crucial questions for your candidate. However, make sure to ask some stern questions. The top of that list should be the question about his or her previous work. If someone talks about external things in the previous company during the job interview, then you might as well call in the next candidate. If they make too many excuses, then also you may have to look elsewhere. Cream always churns to the top, no matter what!

Let them ask questions

If you are hiring, then even the candidates may have some questions about you. And, this is especially true if you are a new venture or a start up. Let them ask questions. If they aren’t excited about it and do not show inquisitiveness about the project, then you are knocking on the wrong door. You need people who believe in your startup venture, not people who desperately need a job, irrespective of your job offer.

Look for commitment

If a candidate says, I’ll be off doing something XYZ in a few years, then try not to take them. You are running a venture, not a cab. But that too is really conditional like sometimes if a candidate wants to start his own company in 5 years, then that reflects a strategic leadership skill and thus this might actually help you fill in those leadership positions in the long run. Use options like ESOP and stakes. That way he/she becomes one of the owners as well, and you get long term sustainable team members.

So these tips would help you hire the gems for your startup. Happy recruiting.

Gaurab Sinha

Gaurab Sinha

Gaurab is a Enterprise Content Manager at, Sportskeeda and likes to wrote about lifestyle,food, startups and trends in the market