What Wikipedia didn’t tell you about Love

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Love and relationship are a complicated subject, and it is not only difficult but also complicated to understand. These facts will help you understand how exactly love takes its turns

We belong to a generation where “search it” stands to be equivalent to “google it” and when it comes to Google Wikipedia forms an integral part. We often believe that whatever we wish to know, loads of information is available on Wikipedia. Undoubtedly, Wikipedia can tell you how can you impress your crush, how to break the ice and so on. However, it can never tell you the things that we are going to shoot below.

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Love requires efforts

Much like the ship cannot sail on its own, it requires the captain, to put efforts. Love requires efforts from both the sides as well. It is definitely easy to fall in love but to sustain it is exactly where your efforts count. Meeting a stranger, knowing his or her likes and dislikes and accepting him or her as if they are is not a cakewalk.

Love takes time

Okay this blame goes to Bollywood movies for showing us how easier it falls to fall in love. But, life is beyond those three hours. What you experience at first sight could be an attraction or infatuation. When it comes to love, it undoubtedly takes time to grow. You cannot wake up one morning only to realize that you are in love. This feeling blends into your emotions as the time passes by. You grow along with your love.

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Love is both complex and simple

Love is the most simple feeling in the world merely because it starts with one person and has no end. It just requires your utmost commitment towards someone. Now, this is the simple part what makes it complex are the hundred other emotions that are thought to be the feeling of love while they are not.

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Impressing someone is not even halfway

We often find people around us dying to impress someone or the other but mind you, impressing someone is not even halfway to love. Love resides somewhere deep beneath the layers of your skin. Impressing someone might just cause him or her admires or adores you, but that can never guarantee love.

Love knows no reason

While you might often come across greeting cards that read – “100 reasons to love you” please do not fall prey to it. Love has absolutely no reasons. It is more like you fall for someone who gets onto your nerve daily, who is half of your maturity level and one-fourth of what an ideal partner could be. And yet you find yourself head over heel in love with him or her. Strange?

Love expects nothing

The truest form of love that might only exist in theories does love unconditionally. When you give all your love and even more to someone without expecting them to love you back is what the most serene form of love is. However, this has no practical application because we all are humans and we are bound to expect something if not everything.

Perfect partner?

There is no Raj and Simran is real life. We all have to agree that nobody is perfect and that is the reason why we are still humans and not divine. To fall in love with someone or to commit yourself to someone, you need to look at their past their flaws. We all have our flaws to deal with, and imperfection is bound to occur, hence, erase the picture of Mr.Right or Miss. Right from your mind.

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