Why Indians fail to pursue their valuable dreams.

dream big. never stop dreaming

Do you love what you are doing ? If not then what are you doing about it ?

The beginning is, as soon as the 12th class results are out. A rapid questionnaire starts even before the celebration of a good result! The questionnaire is nothing. But simple questions related to the career choice and options available to pursue a career. And later on, make real money.

It all starts like this:

So what do you wish to do after 12th?

ask questions to win arguement

Engineering or MBBS? As if only these are the respectful career options available in the world! And as soon as the child says or thinks about pursuing a career in some different field. Those thoughts called “useless”. Or maybe in some cases as “this is rubbish. Do as we say!”

This is the sad reality of our society driven by the lust for money, power, and position. People are the thoughts of getting a dignified degree!

Well, what is a reputed degree?

A degree that gives you a job paying you lakhs per month basis. A job that can give you all the lavish luxuries of the world… Is that considered a reputed degree?

As a budding youth, the majority of us would give the answer “NO”. This is not a reputed degree at all; it may give us all the riches of the world, but what about the content of our hearts?

We are living in a world where a peaceful life is difficult. And if we get a chance to have that peace; before even, we have walked on the path towards it. We are scolded, ridiculed for the choice we are about to make!

Why do Indians fail to pursue their dreams?


In a male dominant society like the Indian society, it ‘s hard to go against the words of the head of the family. Which in most of the cases is a male?

And the head is conscious about the “respect” of the family. Which is determined by the type of degree his child is going to pursue!

More factors such as:

First, the “what will people say?” factor has ruined many dreams.

Second, “papa ka terror” factor. Well, this factor is even more dangerous. Most fathers have a reign of terror in the house which makes his word on the choice of career as the final verdict.

Being younger in the family we fail to argue further and try hard to develop an interest in the field we coerced to!

Third, is the “how much money am I going to make?” We are all lured to run after money. In the pursuit of money, one loses his creativity, interest, ambition, life goal. Needless to say even a bit of dignity. As long as money is the motive, chances are that one’s aim or a goal run completely parallel. And chances are that it doesn’t converge with the real life.

Fourth, “fear of failure”, even though we do pursue a degree of our dream, and in some cases may fail as well. We tend to fight as shit of failures. And more than that we can’t deal with what the external forces. We worry due to the likes of neighbours, uncles and their wives, the relative who lives abroad etc have to say. We take too much of shit though we don’t like it.

The funniest of all and may be a serious one is “you can’t get married unless you are an engineer or a doctor”. Of course, marriage is what it comes down to. You have to look good, and these days earn well as well to impress your to-be-in-laws.

Who’d want to marry a poet, a CEO, or an artist, a novelist or a cartoonist? even though you might be earning in loads but is that considered as a respectful job? Or a dignified degree?

Break the norms and pursue your dreams!

It is now time to break free and follow your dreams. For how long are we going to live under the impression that degrees termed as “dignified”.

You should follow your dreams, and then the right thing will come to you at the right time. You may live a peaceful and gratified life with what you do. It doesn’t matter you a get lesser income. Than that of those engineers and doctors who don’t have content in heart and are living a life of compromise!

Live, stay happy and follow your dreams!