Why saying no helps you to get ahead

Refusing a project or an invitation is a very difficult job. But don’t allow the pains of guilt get in

the way of your career and life.

Refusing a project or an invitation is a tough job. But don’t allow the pains of guilt get in the way of your career and life. Most of us have heard of the saying, ‘good fences make good neighbours.’ The meaning of the sentence is to build firm and secure boundary which is the key to finding our freedom.

Every single personality on this earth wants freedom. With setting up boundaries, we can provide the personal isolation to ourselves. To set this boundary saying ‘no’ to some things is a necessity. Building up fences will help us in personal as well as with our professional skills.

Saying no is a very difficult job for most of us. We say yes to everyone just to avoid hurting their feelings or just to prove we can do everything. We even try to prove ourselves to be a team player or dislike being secluded. It doesn’t matter what the reason might be but saying yes to everything is not only overwhelming but also counterproductive for any cause. When we say yes to too many things, we might, in turn, say no to important things in return. If we engage ourselves with too much of unnecessary things, we might end up with lacking time for the important things in our life.

If our lives get preoccupied, we might end up saying no to primary priorities such as our personal or professional life. It’s a catch 22 position or even opportunity cost, and sadly we may never know about it if we say a ‘yes’ actually!

Let’s see how we can say ‘no’ to some cases in the most convivial way.

We should start by giving a day of thought over the reason. After that, we should answer yes or no. We must think about the invitation for a day. Then we should prioritise it. Next, if you do not wish to attend the invitation, then you should learn to say no to the host in a straightforward but polite manner. You can say “Thank you for the invitation, but I’m sorry that I’m unable to attend it”. This will not only prevent you from offending the host but also help you to avoid the invitation. If someone presses it, then you should tell him that you have too many jobs or work. So it is impossible for you. As much as possible avoid half answers or may be. This creates an expectation in the mind of your host, and if you fail to deliver to his expectations, he’ll be offended.

If you want to be close to the person, but it is not possible for you to keep up with his invitation at present then you can say not this time but definitely the next time. When you want to say no to some invitation just for some specific personality, you should tell the host that it’s impossible for you to attend because of some unspeakable reasons. Try to avoid calls unless it’s an emergency or too urgent. To be successful, we need to realise the priority of our duties. Without that we might end up too confused and instead of making anyone happy, we’ll end up messing the whole thing.

Varun Choudhary

Varun Choudhary

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