14th February is probably the day that most of the startup founders hate the most. That’s because they see their friends in relationships, happy and enjoying, while they are on the lookout for more and more and more and never ending scopes of earning money. I guess most of the young entrepreneurs would call Valentine’s Day a black day.
Well, there is more than enough reason why start-up founders find themselves single at the start of their careers at least. Without wasting much time let us see a few facts that’d enlighten us with the reason why young entrepreneurs are single irrespective of their gender orientation.

Lack of time-

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A startup founder is always on the run and he will always fall short of time. When most of the people are contented with 24 hours a day, you’ll always find a young entrepreneur moping about his/her lack of time. You’ll find most entrepreneurs have and make some reason or other to chicken out of family gatherings and get together. So it’s predictable that they won’t be available to the person whom he/she loves.

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Lack of gifts due to shortage of money-

When a startup founder is always on the lookout for money you can be rest assured that you’ll only have minor gifts on the special days. And you can’t complain about that. After all he is struggling. The maximum gift that you can expect is a chocolate or a rose on your birthday or on your anniversary.

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Business all the time-

No matter where, when or how he is, you’ll always find him talking about business. Your date might start with a sweet conversation, but that’ll last a maximum of 10 minutes. After that all he’d be talking about is funding, business, clients, plans and all those things that’d seem blabber to you.

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Is it a hangout or a job interview-

If you’re an employee, then only god can save you! That’s because your date, if he or she a startup founder, will turn your evening into a job interview. He’ll keep on asking questions about your job profile or company profile. Same goes when he meets with your friends. At the end of the day your friends will start avoiding the both of you.

Oh! He’s so intelligent

Entrepreneurs are definitely intelligent. But with time, this intelligence will start to annoy you. Even for the simplest of problems, they’d suggest a complicated or complex solution which will seem more difficult than the problem itself. Apart from that questions and queries would rain cats and dogs.

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I.T. gadgets, the day spoiler-

If you have a startup owner as your lover, then you’ll eventually end up hating all the I.T. gadgets. That’s because you’ll find him spending most of his time with the laptop. He won’t even spare your smart phone and use it to surf the internet even on a date.

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What’s all that networking for-

He’ll always find time to set up meeting with great personalities, but you would end up at the bottom of that meeting list. He’d find time to meet you only if you could refer him to some big name.

Opportunities everywhere-

Be careful with what you do or say in front of him, because he’ll relate business to everything. From a simple mobile phone to a text message, a red rose to a bottle of water; he’s always on the lookout for business.

Why isn’t the phone shutting up-
On a date you’ll find his phone ringing more than density of the words he has spoken to in the whole meeting. And it was supposed to be your special evening.

But you love him-

love facts

That’s the biggest tragedy. You face all these complicacies when you’re in a relationship with a startup founder and yet you’re helpless because at the end of the day you love him. You can’t stop him from doing what he does because of all the love and care you have for him.

So guys, be careful when you start dating a startup owner because your relationship might end up too boring and you have no one to complain to. Even multi-billionaire Mark Zuckerberg has issues with his wife regarding giving her time etc. So be cautious with whom you date. Best of luck………….

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