Why to start a startup?

start a startup

should you or should you not start a Startup ?

Statistically speaking the rate at which startup are growing in our country annually it an evidence of how much young minds these days are inclined towards making things on their own. Gone are the days when people run behind a job because today, most of them prefer making job opportunities for others. But, what are the things that can lead you to start a start – up? Rather, why to start a startup?


    – Nobody likes to work under someone; given the opportunity to establish their own kingdom, most of us would definitely prefer starting a business on their own. A start – up gives you a chance to execute your business idea and be your own boss. Isn’t it a proud worthy thing to have something of your own, wherein you are the CEO and the Founder too?

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    – A start – up gives you the platform to channelize your idea towards a goal-oriented move. On the contrary, if you get yourself stuck in the corporate you are supposed to follow their pattern of work ethics leave alone questioning but with your own start – up you can execute as many ideas as you want in different areas of the departments.



    – No amount of salary can compensate the lack of job satisfaction that you sense inside. This brings us to the point; starting a start – up can definitely bring an immense level of job satisfaction in the short and long run both. Whether you earn profits or not, job satisfaction is guaranteed when it comes to start – up of your own.

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    – Your 9-5 job can become monotonous few years down the line but instead if you engross yourself in your empire, every day is going to be a new day. Start – up are definitely challenging which is why those who seek out for adventure and growth in their careers should definitely opt for the start – up.

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    – Start-ups are more like the shadow of the entrepreneur. A successful company that once started as a start – up is enough for the entrepreneur to be remembered even after he or she passes away. Start-ups are more like legacies that are passed on in the faith of success.



    – When you opt for a 9-5 job, you are constrained to your job only and in a way, you remain protected in the cocoon. However, when it comes to start – up you are a founder, account handler, client executive, receptionist, and sometimes a cook too! Start – up give you some worthwhile experiences and lifelong friends that you can cherish the moments of your life.

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