It is not easy to connect billion plus people together in this world; but Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of Facebook, as certainly done that. He has used the internet and its cores to do the thing it actually invented for—reaching out to people. However, in the zest of connecting people, Mark did lose out on a thing, the thing which facebook is famous for—friends.

So, today, we are going to look and decipher the life of the one of the youngest billionaire on earth Mark Zuckerberg.


Early Childhood and College—

Born on the 14th of May 1984 as Mark Elliot Zuckerberg, this computer wizard was brought up and bred in the suburbs of the New York City. His father, Edward, is a dentist, while his mother is a psychiatrist. Mark has 3 sisters, Randi, Donna and Arielle and right from his early schooling life, he was interested in computers and programming. He was 10 when he got his first personal computer.

At the age of 12, Mark created a messenger called the ZuckNet; which was used for e-communication purposes by the Zuckerberg household. During his early childhood, he also created an Mp3 player, which observed and understood the pattern and music choices of the user; thus making a logical selection from the playlist. The player was liked by many I.T giants, but Mark was against selling it to anyone.

Soon Mark joined and graduated with flying colours from the Academy of Phillips Exeter. He was the school’s fencing team’s Capitan too, but even during his schooling years he was only interested in coding and application making. And, then he joined Harvard, and that everything changed.

By the time his second year was getting over, Mark had created a good reputation for himself as a very competent and a capable software developer and creator. During the time he also created an application called the Course Match, which helped his fellow students in choosing their preferred subjects against its contemporaries.


The shenanigans at Harvard and the birth of Facebook:

In 2003, just out of curiosity, Mark created an application called Face Smash. The objective of the application was to vote, between 2 female students from the campus, on who was hotter. Although disciplined for this, fellow Harvard students and seniors Divya Narendra and twins Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss were impressed by Mark’s idea & work and told him to help with their venture called Harvard Connection, which was later known as Connect U. The venture was about creating an online social place exclusively for the students of Harvard.

Whilst working on the programming of the venture; Mark had an epiphany to create a social network website for all students. He, along with his partners and friends Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes, registered the domain called

During that time, Mark left the Harvard Connection venture to concentrate totally on Facebook.

However, this did not go well with the founders of Harvard Connection, as they believed Mark had copied and plagiarized from their idea—and thus began the battle between the college mates.

The more success Facebook achieved, the more agitated the trio became; which ultimately resulted in a multi-billion dollar lawsuit against Mark. Basically the trio deemed Mark as a thief and they believed that he stole their I.P to make his facebook work; an allegation which Mark rejected. But this questioned Mark’s integrity and ethics; upon which many had lots of things to talk and write about.


The success of Facebook and the break up in friendship:

As soon as Facebook was launched, it was deemed as a huge success. Students from not only Harvard, but also other colleges joined the website as soon as it was launched in their campuses. Ultimately it was open for all; and boy did the idea work. People were very intrigued with the thought that they could now connect with their friends over the internet too. They could make new friends or even life partners via the website.

Facebook was the hot cup cake which everyone was eating and buying. Investors were also pouring in money; it started with thousands and ultimately needed up with millions of dollars. People where into facebook. However, this created a huge friction between Mark and co-founder Eduardo. They were friends, but the game of money, investment and ownership rights, tore them apart. Ultimately it ended up as a law suit case where Eduardo had to fight against Mark for the right of being a co-founder. A right he once cherished, and had accepted as a friend of Mark.

Even though Mark created a world and a platform for millions of friends, but he did lose out on few of his own friends. He connected people, but many also got disconnected and discontented with Mark’s work. The world is a strange place; but it balances out things too. Though Mark has the money, but somewhere down line, even he realizes that maybe he could’ve handled some situations better. Money just makes you blind, and it indeed does make your friends your foe.

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