Your health and wealth lies in looking good

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How you look, directly affects your growth. Make the Perfect impression

Paying attention to the the way you look and dress is one of the easiest ways to improve your social prospects. It also changes the way people see you. It falls under the category of non-verbal communication. Although your social life won’t be lost if you don’t look perfect but if you go lazy with your appearance then you are making things harder than they have to be.

People are usually quick in forming opinions and passing judgement about others. If you do not maintain yourself, people will be quicker to assume that you have other negative traits. On the other hand, if you dress properly , people are more likely to form positive opinions about you. Everyone would be more willing to give you a chance.

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This articles refers to good dressing and grooming that cuts across all social groups and identities. It does not mean that everyone has to look too fashionable. It simply means looking decent, whatever your scene is and not selling yourself short.

Improve your look

looking good

Looking better can have two degrees. The first is to make yourself look decent. You should do away with any blatant appearance related mistakes. This should not be too difficult.

The second would be to increase your efforts to look more fashionable than average. This requires a little extra efforts from your side. You have to make yourself aware about fashion, clothes, latest styles and trends. You will have to invest time and money in shopping as well.

Although this step is not to help you have a good social life. As long as you manage to look decent and presentable, the clothes you wear won’t be a big influence on your social results.

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Outside feedback


The best way to know where you stand is to get an outside opinion on how you present yourself. You could ask this to your friends, family members or anybody else you feel comfortable with.

Basic tips

Below are a few basic tips to help you improve .



Tame your eyebrows. Brush and floss your teeth. Always be conscious of your breath. Take care of your skin. Wash your hair regularly and keep it clean. Maintain your nails. Always wear a deodorant.

Basic dressing


Do not wear the same outfit two days or more in a row. Discard clothes that are faded. Never wear clothes that are wrinkled. Avoid wearing clothes with stains. Do not wear clothes that are either too tight or too loose. Never wear socks with sandals.

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Basic Appearance


Get a haircut that suits your face. If you wear glasses try to replace them with lenses. If you do not want to do that make sure you have frames that are stylish.  If you have yellow teeth , try to do something to whiten it. Maintain your physique. Pay attention to your health.
You don’t necessarily have to hit the gym for the same. You can also go for some sport that you like, dancing or anything else that can keep you fit.



Having decent clothes is one of the biggest factors in looking better.

When purchasing clothes try to shop using the staff’s knowledge if you yourself are not aware of the current fashion trends.

If you can’t do that then you can also dress like your peers. This is cheaper as well as easier.

You can go to some standard stores and buy items. This might be a little expensive and risky since you might pick up things that don’t suit you much. But these clothes look good and attract positive attention.

Eventually you get better at picking clothes for yourself. You learn this art in time with practise. Flashy clothes make you look gaudy. So you should stay away from them.  Try to add accessories to your look but don’t overdo it. Possess good shoes that go with your clothes.