YouTube Marketing Tips for Attracting Endless Consumers

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Video marketing secrets to supercharge your marketing Campaigns

We are all aware that YouTube is the world’s largest video content sharing and hosting platform for billions of

users viewing so many videos every hour and every day. An astounding fact is that 74% viewers are our young audience between the age of 14 to 18 years and 68% between the age of 19 to 24 years.

This business is becoming more attractive as millennials are willing to embrace such information and their spending power will rise in future. Keeping this in mind we bring to you 7 YouTube marketing tips for attracting generations of generations.

Know your target consumers

You must have complete knowledge of your target audience including their product spending behaviour, preferences, tastes, disposable income, type of content they consume and sites they visit. According to a study, millennials are more of the entrepreneur behaviour. 72% of student in the high school say they want to have their own business and 76% want to make their hobbies into a full-time job. This information can be of great help to utilise and develop marketing campaigns appealing to the millennial consumers.

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Dominance of Facebook ad

As per the 2015 last quarter figures, it has attracted about a billion monthly users, creating daily 100 million videos and has 50 million small scale business. It has 2.5 million advertisers.

Moreover, many American teenagers are found to have a Facebook profile which makes the site most sort

after marketing platform. It is advantageous as you can use the Facebook ad data to reach out to the millennials.

Produce relatable video and ad content

Your business can expand immensely by producing and publishing video content and relatable ads. As per the research conducted by Hunter Qualitative research, 66% of this type of users switch to digital content for relaxation. It means they watch more of entertaining and soothing content to relieve stress.

Ephemeral messaging is one activity that is most popular among this group. You can make use of this to target them with ads and videos.

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CTA (call – to – action)

Your content should be prominent but not conspicuous CTA to attract the target consumers to complete the action desired. Advanced technology has made it feasible to introduce the call to action buttons in the content of the video. You can also direct your viewers to your landing page, encourage them to join the mailing list, take a poll, subscribe to the newsletter, execute A/B testing and calculate the potential of the marketing campaign.

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Leverage the power of instructional videos

You can enhance your marketing campaign by making use of instructional videos to target the millennials. Reports have shown that these instructional videos influenced 62% of the millennial consumers to purchase smartphones. This is advantageous to the marketers as advertising through word of mouth or advice from friends is more influential as compared to traditional marketing approach.

Add suitable title and description

Prior to publishing the content on YouTube, don’t forget to add an appropriate description and a title.

This content is also shown in the search engine on the Google. You should use the SEO approach to improving the videos online visibility. Create video title having less than 70 characters and those which are not very tricky as it might create a negative impact on the overall ranking. Similarly, use clear language for the description of the video content.

Investing in data analytics

It is very important that your content reaches the right audience thus use data analytics tool or data –driven approach for the ads and videos. This will help in monitoring your competitors, keep up with the upcoming trends and keep a track of what the customers say about you.


As compared to other millennials spend more time viewing videos on YouTube. In order to reach them

develop proper marketing campaigns.

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