zero budget startup marketing

Startup marketing is simple yet complicated. Let’s explore the options

With competition growing each passing day, startup marketing has become one of the most integral parts of any business. To project a product towards a target audience, the need of funds is unavoidable. However, most of the companies are not in favour of spending a bomb on marketing. So that’s when zero budget startup marketing appears into the picture.

Plan and strategise your communication

Just because your’s is an FMCG product and every other FMCG product is advertised on television doesn’t mean you are required to do the same. Since you have limited funds in your pocket, try to strategise the time and way of communicating your brand to your target audience. Do not replicate others blindly.

Relying on your product

If you have an amazing quality of the product, then word of mouth is something that you can rely upon. ‘Word of mouth’ is when customer himself/herself talks about your product to other prospective customers. An extensive research as to what is exactly required by the consumers can be a greater help in developing a product that consumer demands.

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Crowdsourcing strategies

Here Social media becomes helpful in a lot many ways. All you need to do is research about the different groups and communities. You must know what your competitors selling similar products or services are upto. This helps you in gaining a better understanding towards your consumers as well.

Symbiotic relationships

The symbiotic relationship between the companies is considered when you tie up with a company for mutual benefits. To maintain the zero budget marketing way, you can have a symbiotic relationship with a company that can help you build a large customer base and market your product/services broadly.

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One of the most cost effective ways of advertising is making videos and posting it on YouTube. In your video, you can effortlessly explain why is your product different from others and even have some interactions with the customers. Videos have largely popular with time; there are instances when an advertiser is published on YouTube before bringing it to the television.

Social Media

Do not underestimate the power of social media especially when it comes to marketing. The fact that your target consumers are present there always makes it easier to market. Through contests and regular updates, you can easily stay under the radar of your consumer.


Even though marketing is associated as one of the heavy cost that is incurred by the company, a strategic marketing plan can not only increase your sales but also add saves upon your cost and time. Zero budget marketing requires a lot of planning and consideration and wee sized pocket to spend.

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